You Have the Option of Doing Nothing

quote_baez_actionI’m quite keen on the idea of my friends pursuing their creative interests. I can be a cheerleader, a patron, a sounding board, and a social media cog. But mostly I’m relentlessly encouraging. Yes, I want to hear your song demo, and yes, I want to hear about your first day of class, and yes, of course I want to see the work in progress. I want you to know that it’s a joy to be a participant or observer in your process and that’s because I know you have the option of doing nothing.

You can opt not to write the song. You can opt not to register for that class. You can choose to not write that manuscript. You can decide that your fear of criticism and experience of self-doubt outweighs the benefit of action. But you don’t.

You choose to draw 1,000 pine trees so you can get one right. And you write 1,000 words to get the perfect combination of just 500. You play the same series of chords every day for weeks to master the finger-work. Something in you wants to spend time and effort (and even money) on those creative activities. You enjoy it, are challenged by it, benefit from it, struggle with it, hate it, love it, whatever…

But you do it, and I’m encouraged by your example. I opt to no longer do nothing.